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What are the advantages of anti-jamming magnetic loops feature?
Edit:Dongguan June magnet technology, Ltd   PublicDate:2016-09-14

Anti-jamming magnetic ring is widely used in the market, with features of rapid development in recent years has improved, comprehensive improvements on the original Foundation, has always been targeted to improve the user's interests as the starting point. Many producers now magnetic loops, many manufacturers only in June, Dongguan magnetic limited, the most professional, whether it is the product of the process of production processes and product design features even had certain advantages, advantages compared to other businesses with their peers, and have greater sales in the market, becoming one of many business users. June rich magnets company produces anti-jamming magnetic ring magnetic ferrite has a large difference from ordinary, showed the biggest difference on the loss, through clip-inductance is magnetic card products have features not found in other products, followed by more close to the resistance.

Anti-jamming magnetic ring Can understanding into a resistance, its with frequency of increased and has increased, second in encountered high frequency signal Shi need and ferrite common cooperation, can through ferrite to completely will electromagnetic capacity to consumption off, certainly anti-interference magnetic ring on electromagnetic waves also has must of effect, both has must of associated, popular of told anti-interference magnetic ring on electromagnetic waves has reflex, not only can effective of reduced signal transfer of distortion situation, certainly for audio equipment, will not effect audio and video picture,. Anti-jamming magnetic rings used in power lines and signal interference on the line, as well as ability to effectively absorb magnetic electrostatic pulses, and of course the shape and RH type of the same column, judged according to the length of length, of course, can have anti-jamming performance, can do inductor placed on the electronic circuit board can play a role.

Anti-jamming magnetic ring By used to do inductance of products if installation in electronic line Shang can up to must of role, can better of induction electronic components, anti-interference magnetic ring magnetic pass also has variety call also was people called absorption magnetic ring and ferrite magnetic ring, general situation Xia can is divided into nickel zinc anti-interference magnetic ring and manganese zinc anti-interference magnetic ring two species, through for high frequency noise has inhibition, through sets in USB data line even audio line Shang can effective of improve signal quality, most main of can effective of shield radiation, Is the first choice for many friends. At one end of the mouse and keyboard, of course, have inhibited the effects of electromagnetic radiation, through some line wrapping a certain number of turns, its more convenient to use, set directly on the need to filter the cable. Secondly, the requirements for structural design and wiring harness simple and no special requirements, anti-jamming magnetic rings have been used by many users.

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