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Clip magnetic rings used in the what?
Edit:Dongguan June magnet technology, Ltd   PublicDate:2016-09-08

-Clip magnetic ring is what? Clips-magnetic loop for which industries? What are the advantages? Everyday use should pay attention to? For clip type magnetic rings don't know users will always have a lot of reservations, taking into account user demands for innovation and development of both product development and production and the other features to meet user needs, and give users a comprehensive detailed explanation before they can be traded. Then, in the current context of rapid development on the market produces new things will bring some convenience to many users, especially for clip type magnetic ring development is more prominent, from product usage to market conditions, to achieve the best results, meet supply and demand situation of the market realization of innovations under development.

Hot clip magnetic rings have been market, so there are some users do not know how clips-magnetic loop operation, even for product choice knows a thing or two, according to market needs and suggestions of the users of business through innovative improved clip magnetic loop function technology showcase their best, so its products how to choose? Select clip magnetic note to ring after the current size and element size has something to do with, and they are always proportional relationship, when both appear dysfunctional situations how to solve it? This saturation can occur and even has a certain influence on components, greater impact on performance, so how do you prevent this from happening? This saturation and impact need to plug the power cable to the component through the magnetic ring, clip magnetic ring magnetic flux through the ring can be worn more than once in order to increase its size, can effectively absorb the length, the most important is to use features and an improved low-end characteristics of magnetic tape.

Magnetic ring production and processing needs to pay attention to what you do? In magnetic ring processing Shi to note its process and performance, effect electromagnetic sex of important factors is is its metal content and sintering Shi by consumption of time, its temperature and gas is effect its production processing of factors one of, so clip buckle type magnetic ring of production processing process is very cumbersome of, to note to all effect factors zhiwai also should on its process and the processing process has understand, second in select Shi as select diameter compared small of, length more long of, and in using of when to and cable common using, Generally the two closer together, popular clips-magnetic loop hole size suitable for the cable size, only the package size suitable to close the two together. -Clip magnetic rings generally applies to computer peripherals, monitors, digital cameras and communications equipment, and so on, use and operation of the Advisory business.

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