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Supplied assembled magnetic ring
Supplied assembled magnetic ring

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Assembled type magnetic ring also said clip buckle type magnetic ring, and anti-interference magnetic ring, can for placed various wire as: power line, and audio line, and AV line, and data line,, it can improved electromagnetic around of electric magnetic field, to avoid outside interference. While has sucking EMI absorption magnetic ring received electrostatic pulse capacity, makes electronic equipment reached electromagnetic compatible (EMI/EMC and electrostatic discharge of corresponding international specification, using Shi can will a root more core cable or a beam more unit line cable wear Yu which. more wear once can strengthening its effect. usually with 25MHz and 100MHz frequency impedance value to measure the absorption characteristics of magnetic ring magnetic beads.

Assembled type magnetic ring of absorption interference capacity is with its impedance characteristics to characterization of low band rendering very low of perceptual impedance value, not effect data line or signal line Shang useful signal of transmission. high frequency paragraph, about for 10MHz around began, impedance increases, its inductance components keep is small, resistance sex weight is quickly increased, will high band EMI interference energy to heat form absorption dissipation. usually with two a key points frequency 25MHz and 100MHz at resistance value to calibration EMI absorption magnetic ring/magnetic beads of absorption characteristics.

Assembled magnetic rings used:

EMI absorbing anti-jamming magnetic ring magnetic rings are often used to inhibit power cables, signal interference on the line, but also has the ability to absorb electrostatic pulses.

A\ directly over one or a bunch of power supplies, signal line, interference in order to increase the absorption of energy, can be repeated around a few more laps;

B\ EMI with a alignment clip magnetic, anti-interference suppression applies to compensation;

C\ easily clamps on the power cable, signal cable;

D\ flexible, reusable installation;

E\ comes with bayonet fixed, does not affect the equipment's overall image

Assembled magnetic rings used principles: 1. Magnetic ring as long as possible 2. combination of aperture and through cable as closely as possible. 3. low frequency end harassment recommended turns of cable around the 2~3, high end harassment, not turn-around (because the existence of the distributed capacitance selection long magnetic loops)

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